Find Your Inner Chi (Qi) with Anise Star Essential Oil

This post probably contains affiliate links to items I absolutely love and have found success using and I know you will too. I am not  a health care provider this is just what worked for me, so for any health advice I give on nutrition, health and weight loss you may want to check with a doctor first.

In Chinese medicine, Anise Star is used to help replenish Qi (chi) and can be used in Aromatherapy Massage for this purpose. Because of this, many can feel the relief of pain and stiffness in the muscles and joints. It can help restore your energy or Qi when feeling both physically and mentally exhausted or fatigued. When you give your body what it needs to restore and replenish itself, the results are increased energy as well as the desire or will to do more because your strength comes from within.

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Diffuser Recipes:
Sweet Dreams – To encourage pleasant sleep
•    3 drops Anise
•    3 drops Chamomile
•    2 drops Orange
Cough- to sooth a cough due to cold, bronchitis or asthma– Can be used in steam inhalations, or in a diffuser
•    2-3 drops Anise

Massage Oils
Menstrual Discomfort – Mix in one tablespoon carrier oil. Massage in abdomen and low back.
•    3 drops Anise
•    2 drops Lavender
•    1 drop Ginger
Tummy Aid- to help with stomach upset, or over indulgence.  Mix in one tablespoon carrier oil. Massage in abdomen.
•    3 drops Anise
•    1 drop Chamomile
•    2 drops Ginger
Cough – Use as chest rub, dilute in 1 tsp. carrier oil:
•    3 drops Anise
Warming Massage Oil for muscle, joint aches and/or cramping: Mix in 1 oz. carrier oil.
•    4 drops Anise
•    3 drops Cinnamon
•    1 drop Orange

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Restorative Massage Oil– Re balance, relax and restore energy. Great blend for fatigue and exhaustion both mentally and physically. Massage pulse points, abdomen and low back. Can be also used in a full body Aromatherapy Massage.
 In an amber glass bottle with 2 oz. carrier oil of your choice blend the following:
•    6 drops Anise
•    5 drops Lavender
•    5 drops Frankincense
•    4 drops Atlas Cedarwood
•    3 drops Bergamot

How To Get Your Figure Back After Baby

This post probably contains affiliate links to items I absolutely love and have found success using and I know you will too. I am not  a health care provider this is just what worked for me, so for any health advice I give on nutrition and weight loss you should consult a doctor first.

Even before I was pregnant, I was never a gym junkie or someone who could follow a set of exercises (I got bored way too easily). So once I gave birth, I knew I had to figure out a way to lose the baby weight. 

With my first child, I only gained 17 pounds, I lived in a three story house and I walked up and down hundreds of steps a day. I didn’t realize at the time that those stairs were my built in gym. My second pregnancy after I had moved to Florida, I gained 40 pounds. More than double the baby weight the second time around. Eventually I lost it all, but it took some work. So here is my 8 step list of the best ways to  lose weight after having a baby.

  1. Get a postpartum girdle. These are usually for women who have had a c-section, but anyone can get one. The girdle helps shrink your belly and uterus back to their normal size. I used this after my second pregnancy and saw results in a week! The 3 in 1 Postpartum girdle is my favorite. There are 3 different belts for the different stages of healing. There are plenty of ways you can use this, you can sleep in it or wear it under your clothes when you go out. Whichever feels best for you. 
  2. Drink lots and lots of water. This really just goes for life in general, but once I dropped soda and sugary drinks, I lost weight immediately. I prefer to drink out of glass or stainless steel. My favorite glass bottle has a silicone sleeve and time markers to help you monitor and increase your daily water intake! Remember, if you’re thirsty, you’re dehydrated and you need water fast!
  3. Having a huge sweet tooth, made it a lot more difficult to lose weight, because unfortunately watching what you eat is a necessary evil. After my second, I decided to give meal planning a try. I don’t think I’ll ever look back. It took me a few months to get used to it, I have never been the best cook in the world, so meal planning books really came through with a lot of materials that made the transition easier. The Smart Meal Prep for Beginners book was my favorite for just getting started.
  4. Get Moving! The first days back from the hospital you really shouldn’t be doing much of anything and believe me, you probably won’t want to. But getting up and walking around, will help. After my first pregnancy, the stairs were a good friend of mine in my three story townhouse. I didn’t even realize how much weight I was losing until my friends and family mentioned it.
  5. Once the first 6 weeks postpartum are up and you’ve been cleared for more vigorous exercise, Go Outside! Babies are tote-able. Especially for walks and jogs, babies love being outside and the fresh air can be so enjoyable. This is the best stroller, that has ever been purchased on a whim. It was comfortable for my youngest daughter, she was and still is, a troubled sleeper, but 10 minutes in this stroller and she was out, for hours at a time. Thanks to this stroller, we can go on walks for hours, and when she falls asleep, I can get some much needed quiet alone time. The canopy is huge which is great for protecting her from the Florida sun. The wheels also make it easy to maneuver and great for going over any terrain that isn’t pavement. I even use my roller-blades instead of jogging and have no problems at all. My oldest daughter loves the park, after my second daughter was born, we’d all take a stroll to the park, by the time we’d get there my youngest would be asleep and me and my oldest would have some nice time together.

6. After 8-12 weeks, when you’ve made it to your new normal and you can do more intense workouts, here’s where you can start to have some fun. You can start some pilates and yoga, however, if your kids are like mine, they many not give you the time to yourself. So I always tried to incorporate my kids into my exercises, using them as weights or having them workout with me was so cute it could make your heart melt. But what they really loved were bike rides. When I had my first, I had a great bike seat that she loved, we rode everywhere together, she even fell asleep most times. Once I had my second, I needed a new form of transportation, when I found a baby trailer for bikes, I could almost hear angels singing (It’s so strange the things you’ll get excited for once you’re a mom). Both of my daughters can fit in it (3 and 1), they have plenty of room too, so I know my oldest will be able to fit in it until she can ride her own bike. We bike everywhere together, the store, the beach,  the park, and sometimes just around our neighborhood.

7. Go to the beach or the pool! Most babies love the water (They were just floating around in some for 9 months). I’m lucky enough to live a bike ride away from the beach and have a community pool in my neighborhood. Trips to one of these two places (if not both) occur on a weekly basis. Not only do I get exercise biking or rollerblading them there, but then swimming with them is a low impact workout that really gets you results. My oldest daughter is taking swim classes and just upgraded to only using arm floaties in the pool and my youngest is loving her pool floatie too, they can spend all day at the pool or the beach  and I can get some much needed exercise without feeling like it. It’s a win-win situation.

8. Last but certainly not least, Please give yourself a break. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you just went through one of the most emotionally and physically demanding tasks on the planet. It took 9 months to put on the weight and it will take the same amount of time to at least get rid of it. A large part of losing weight is mental. Positive self talk can do wonders, instead of being angry at yourself for not being able to exercise a certain day or for eating a bowl of ice cream (or two) just know, one day isn’t going to ruin everything. Be lenient, you deserve it.

5 Essential Oils that Relieve Menstrual and PMS Symptoms

Essential Oils can be a lifesaver, they can help with anything from whole body health to anxiety to aromatherapy and even pest control. Writing all the different ways to use essential oils would take up an entire novels worth of information. So I will comprise multiple different posts of my favorite ways to utilize essential oils to promote health and wellness. 

One of my ultimate favorite uses of essential oils is to help relieve PMS and Menstrual cramps. While a healthy diet and regular exercise I have found to help immensely, the oils add much needed boost. 

There are multiple ways to use essential oils in general. The most popular and simplest method of using oils is a diffuser. With just a few drops the diffuser will mist the aroma into the room bringing the unique benefits that each oil provides.

Alternatively, you can add 3-5 drops to a carrier oil (always make sure to dilute the oil before putting directly onto your skin) such as coconut or almond oil. Then rub the mixture onto the areas where the cramping is the worst. One of the best ways I’ve found to administer these mixtures is a rollerball  that you can use to apply to your skin.

Another way is to add a few drops to a warm bath; soak for at least 20 minutes. This helps deliver the essential oil directly through the skin while simultaneously providing a rich aromatherapy. 

No matter which of these methods you choose, essential oils are an amazing source of healing.  

Best Essential Oils for PMS and Menstrual Cramps:

Lavender– This oil is great for EVERYTHING! Lavender is a calming anti-inflammatory. It’s a universal oil that has been shown to balance the body and work wherever there is a need.  When in doubt use lavender. You can easily rub 3-5 drops of lavender directly to your stomach to feel the effects as it starts to reduce cramping and bloating, it can also be combined with a carrier oil.

Clary Sage– One of Clary Sage’s main benefits is the alleviation of menstrual cramps and hormonal side effects. It helps calm PMS symptoms such as bloating, mood swings, and compulsive eating. You can rub 1-2 Clary Sage drops directly onto your stomach for fast acting relief, or mix with a carrier oil. 

Frankincense– Here is another oil that can be great for everything. It can be applied neat with no dilution, and even 1-2 drops under the tongue to deliver the oil internally or you can mix it with a carrier oil. It relieves cramps, is an anti-inflammatory, and can do so much more!

Ylang Ylang– This essential oil is widely regarded as an excellent antidepressant. It helps calm the mood swings of PMS and even has sedative properties that can help fight anxiety by calming the mind. Ylang Ylang can be applied neat or combined with a carrier oil.
Rosemary– This oil helps aid in hormone levels and regulates menstrual cycles. It can also help with pain and cramping and the calming nature of the oil can improve PMS symptoms.  Rosemary can also be applied directly to your stomach or mixed with a carrier oil.

**This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional.**

Unlock your Hip Flexors 2.0 for 2019 : Review

Everyone wants to keep their body fit and healthy. This program can give you the healthy body you always wanted. Everyone is concerned about their health. The proper fitness program will get you fit and strong as well. You will just have to follow the right program in order to keep your body healthy and fit. There are so many beneficial programs in the market. But Unlock your hip flexors is a well-known and a popular program that really works.

About Unlock your Hip Flexors 2.0

Actually our bodies are very flexible and powerful. But we waste too much time in front to of computers and laptops. We do not practice regular exercises which is what our body needs. For this particular reason, we are gaining weight and becoming lazy as well. The authors of this particular program are Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal. They teach you the ten dynamic and easy stretching movements. These stretching movements can reduce your belly fat and increase your sexual power as well. These hip flexors can work both for men and women. This particular program is a great value.

Benefits of this program

There are so many benefits that you can enjoy due to this program. Unlock you hip flexors can help you to eliminate joint and back pain. This program can also increase your energy level, and reduce your stress factors. Due to this particular program, you can improve your sexual health as well. Unlock your hip flexors can also burn belly fat. With unlock your hip flexors program you can have better health.

What will you get inside

You can get so many things if you download this program. You can download the main manual and the bonus books as well. You can get:

Main Manual

This main manual consists of 63 pages. You can quickly read and get started strengthening your hip flexors.

Coaching Video

In this coaching video Mike Westerdal will show you the proper technique to preform the movements. You will be able to easily follow along. After learning the steps a female trainer will perform all 10 stretching movements, you can follow along with her easily performing the stretches.

Bonus 1:

This bonus 1 includes one manual and two coaching videos. This will help you to strengthen and unlock your tight hamstrings.

Bonus 2:

This bonus 2 contains 7 different types of diet plans. You will be benefited by these diet plans, no matter what health issues you may be suffering with.

Unlock your hip flexors is a beneficial package for anyone. It can help you to flatten your stomach, and straighten your posture. With this program, you can also achieve better blood circulation. Overall, this program is a very beneficial for health and weight loss.

Unlock your Hip Flexors 2.0


Organifi : Review Green Juice

Why Organifi Green Powder Juice is Good for You

We all want to be healthy and strong but let’s face it, following a healthy lifestyle can be hard. You need to eat plenty of greens. But unless your a real vegetable lover and you have a lot of time on your hands, then it is going to be difficult for you to prepare and eat vegetables on a regular basis. Don’t you wish there was something out there to help you boost your energy and improve your overall wellness? The truth is such a drink exists and it is called Organifi Green Juice.


If you have not heard of Organifi before then here’s a short introduction. It is a green juice powder that makes it easy for you to get the healthy benefits of organic green vegetables. It is made with real organic green produce. It is an all-natural product. It does not contain any chemicals or preservatives. Preparing a glass of Organifi Green Juice Powder is very easy. All you need to do is to get a glass, scoop a tablespoon-full of Organifi in it and then just add water and stir. The green color of the juice will tell you that it is filled with natural goodness.


Apart from being a delightful and refreshing beverage, Organifi Green Juice Powder offers plenty of health benefits. If you drink it in the morning, it will give you an energy boost that will last you the whole day. Unlike other beverages, the energy that Organifi provides will not cause you to crash in the middle of the day. One of the best things about this product is that it only contains 24 calories per serving, making it perfect for those who are conscious about the calories they consume. A serving of Organifi also contains 2 grams of protein, 31 mg of calcium, 2 mg of iron, 5100 mg of alkaline greens, and 1450 mg of a superfood blend. One pack of Organifi Green Power Juice is good for 30 servings.


As mentioned above, Organifi Green Juice Powder contains a superfood blend. It is actually the main reason why it is such a healthy and energy-boosting beverage. It contains Chlorella that encourages healthy hormonal functions. It also has moringa, a nutrient-rich plant that contains all the 9 essential amino acids. The superfood blend also includes spirulina, which is a natural algae powder that is rich in protein and is a good source of antioxidants and B-vitamins. Mint gives the juice a pleasant taste and other healthful benefits as well. It also contains matcha green tea that is good for weight loss. Turmeric, Ashwagandha, turmeric, and lemon round up the superfood contents of this amazing product.

Get Organifi Today

If you are someone who is busy and concerned about your health and fitness, then Organifi Green Juice is for you. It is a great-tasting beverage that makes it easy to meet all of your nutritional needs. Organifi Green Juice makes it easy to lead a healthy and active life.

Lean Belly Breakthrough Review

What is the Lean Belly Breakthrough system

It is a system to help you lose belly fat. Bruce Krahn, a professional fitness instructor, has introduced this system. The best part of the lean belly breakthrough is that you don’t have to starve yourself to get rid of belly fat. The system is developed with some unique strategies to slim you down. In reality, it is neither a medicine nor a strict diet plan. It’s rather a very simple way to reduce your body fat. You will get the lean belly breakthrough system as a digital copy. There are 7 strategies and you just have to follow the instructions. The lean belly breakthrough system will give you an idea of selecting your foods and will also consist of helpful healthy tips. The Lean Belly Breakthrough system is remarkably effective. If you follow the system you will surely see results.

Who Should Use This System?

The Lean Belly Breakthrough System can be used by anyone who has excess belly fat. This system will guide you through the weight loss process, and fit into anyone’s busy life. Even people with heart problems or blood sugar issues(Diabetes) can benefit from the Lean Belly Breakthrough System.

Benefits of the Lean Belly Breakthrough System

This program will help you make better food choices. There are no strict diet plans, and no chemicals or pills. The lean belly breakthrough system uses natural ways to help you reduce your belly fat, with herbs and spices, that will help you shed fat and increase your metabolism.

Final Thoughts

Bruce Krahn’s Lean Belly Breakthrough System is an asset to any one who is trying to lose a little or a lot of weight around the middle. The video is highly motivating and very informative. Losing weight is a lifestyle change and this program will help you along every step of the way.


Cinderella Solution: Review

It is a common perception that women tend to accumulate weight when they begin to age, and the world has come to accept that for generations. If you are one of those women and wondered about a better way to shed weight than joining a gym or starving yourself. Enter Cinderella Solution. This weight loss program, designed by Carly Donovan, does not believe in crazy diets that make you forego all the food you love. Instead this is a more holistic approach that emphasizes the importance of the right nutrition and exercise that ultimately leads to a thinner, happier, healthier you.

The Key Aspects of the Cinderella Solution Program

The online weight loss program stands out from the rest by being specifically designed for women. It is a lot harder for women to lose weight considering the hormonal changes a woman’s body continually goes through. Losing weight becomes more of a challenge when you are older because hormonal transitions get more complicated. The Cinderella Solution Program helps handle these challenges by providing a regimen that caters specifically to the metabolic and hormonal changes that women go through. This program aims at a long-term solution rather than simply getting you into shape for the next party.

Another unique feature of this program is it does not just give you a bunch of dietary charts and workout regimen, it explains the functions of the body, and how changing your lifestyle, habits, and diet affects it. So, if you have never had your “why’s” answered when you have tried other programs, here is your chance. Women’s bodies are complicated, hence, once you have a clear understanding of how the hormonal changes affect your overall health, it becomes easier to adopt a weight loss program.

Components of the Cinderella Solution Program

The Cinderella Solution program comprises of a quick start guide, the main manual, a nutrition blueprint, a short course for permanently shedding extra pounds, a guide for movement sequencing, and several videos for the exercise regimen. The main manual covers all the key components of the weight loss program. For example, it teaches how to pair food and flavors for maximum nutritional benefits, how to heal from within for sustainable weight loss, and how to sequence your time for exercise and meals. The main manual also covers instructions on using the blueprint book, elaborate information on planning your meals and all the do’s and don’t’s of exercising. The short course is then your go-to place for getting your questions about your body’s metabolism answered.

Subscription to the Cinderella Solution Program

The entire Cinderella Solution Program is available online for you to purchase and get started immediately. One amazing thing about the pricing is that they offer a 60-day money back guarantee. So, in a rare scenario that you have followed everything in the program for 2 months, and do not see a difference, they offer you a refund.

The Final Word

The Cinderella Solution Program provides a long term weight loss solution, with lucid language and a practical approach. This program provides a chance to lose weight, and feel at peace your body permanently.



Flat Belly Fix Review

Many people will try all sorts of diet programs to lose a little extra weight around the middle. However, most of the diet programs never live up to the hype. We all want a weight loss program that actually works. This is where the flat belly fix program comes in.

The flat belly fix system is an effective program that works and is easy to incorporate into your daily life.

About the Flat Belly Fix System, just like its name suggests, it is an online weight loss program that is available in ebook format.

The flat belly fix system was designed to offer a healthy way to lose weight that accumulates around the belly. The program also comes with coaching videos that are provided on a weekly basis.

The Flat Belly Fix System offers a diet package that is accompanied with workouts. It is not only cost effective but also powerful and easy to include in your daily routine.

The flat belly fix program was designed by Todd Lamb. He was a member of the Swat team and gained a lot of fitness experience while in the military. His weight loss journey started when his wife was involved in a serious car accident. She gained excess weight after the accident. Todd had to act fast and seek a solution that could help his wife from the obesity that was threatening her life. This is where the flat belly fix program was born.

This weight loss program focuses on the principles of the diet. It provides step by step instructions on what to do everyday, healthy food lists as well as workouts. The flat belly fix program is like a collection of procedures and tips that are meant to help you lose weight in the quickest and most effective manner. Most people are able to lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time.

The Flat belly Fix program comes with detailed information including:

Healthy spices to help burn fat

Work out programs

Special tea

In addition the flat belly fix program contains coaching sessions and bonus programs to help you shed more fat in a short period of time.


You can easily access the program whether on a smartphone or a computer. All you need is internet access. The flat belly fix program is short detailed and to the point. The program also helps you understand your body and how it works. The program comes with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your results.


The only drawback is that you need an internet connection to download the program.

Final Thought

This is the ultimate weight loss program that leads you through the necessary steps toward losing weight and forming healthy habits. This program is like a support system during the weight loss period and helps you take your life back.